The Cato CRUD Generator is alive

The Cato CRUD Generator project is now alive!

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, Cato is a simple, template-based, database-driven, GUI/web app that lets you generate code based on the tables in your database.

Just download and install Cato — it’s a very simple PHP web app — connect it to your database (also very easy), and you’re ready to generate CRUD-based source code from your database tables.

Cato can be used for all sorts of CRUD files, including:

  • Java class files (model files)
  • Java JSP files (view files)
  • Java controller files
  • XML configuration files, such as for Spring Framework, Hibernate, and JSF
  • PHP files, including class files, Smarty templates, CakePHP files, Symfony files
  • Any sort of text file you can describe in a template

Because Cato is based on the Smarty template system, if you can define a template for the CRUD you want to create, Cato can generate your CRUD files from your database table definitions.

I’ll write more about Cato in the near future, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our Cato CRUD Generator screenshots to see how it works.