“Cato is a simple, template-based, database-driven, GUI/web app that lets you generate source code for any programming language or tool based on the tables in your database.”

Let’s break that down:

Simple Cato is simple to install, and simple to use.

Template-based Cato is based on the concept of templates, meaning you can create a template for anything you want, including Java classes, JSP files, XML files, PHP class files, Spring Framework files, Hibernate mapping files, etc. All with the same tool.

Database-driven If you haven’t heard of it before, “CRUD” is a database term that means “create, read, update, and delete”, so by its very nature, Cato lets you generate any sort of text you want from your database tables.

GUI/web app Cato is a simple web application with a super-simple installation process.

Any programming language or tool Cato can generate source code for Java, PHP, XML, JSP, JSF, Drupal, .NET, Python, C, C++, Objective-C, Ruby, CakePHP, etc.

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